I have always been mesmerized by fabrics. I love how different materials and prints make me feel and the energy that I get from them.

Each piece of fabric evokes an emotion that guides me to designing and creating something new every time. Growing up in a small town, our neighbor was an extremely talented seamstress who became my true inspiration in life. I became her protégé and spent every free minute I had by her side, watching her every move, memorizing her techniques and learning everything I could from her.

There was no surprise in my family when I graduated with a Fashion Design degree, but due to various circumstances, I had to put my dreams on hold and become a Financial Advisor. There is a lot of impressing that you have to do in the corporate world, however, being 5’11 meant I had a very limited selection of clothing to choose from to do so.

This was a turning point - I started making clothes again and felt the kind of energy and freedom that I haven’t felt in years. This time, I was determined to pursue my dream and share my passion.

And this is how Moya Dean was created. Translated from another language, Moya means “My Own” and that meaning resonates with me on many levels. My goal is to tell a story with every piece of fabric. To have no restrictions, to combine materials from all over the world into beautiful, inspiring pieces of art for your home office or retreat, bitter yet the perfect gift.

I want every person who desires Moya Dean to feel inspired, and uplifting!